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Long backgammon on the Droid. There are several themes of cubes, as well as chips. The application has age restrictions: 3+. Android version: 4.0 and higher. Version APK file: 5.65. The application developer is AAStudio, google play link.

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Gamers play how much you can get into the house, and after throwing away as much as possible. It is necessary to interfere with the opponent. The range is determined by throwing "dice" (two dice). In total, one player can perform one actions, one per die. Moreover, if one of them fell 6, it’s not allowed. Haven’t been spent until all points have been spent. The player receives 4 turns at once. Chips move clockwise. Their checkers can not be put in the fields occupied by the enemy. In some cases, you can put them in. However, it’s not up to the opponent’s checker ahead of the planned block. Application Features The application interface is simple and pleasing to the eye. There are statistics that the user is tracked. Additionally, you can see the statistics of the throws, where it will be displayed, which falls the most often. Also include the following: several modes - one on the Internet, with a real opponent; there is a private and global chat; a system of achievements has been implemented; Leaderboard with top players. When choosing players in Long backgammon, an ELO rating is used. The player will be able to make sure that he has the skills. To rise "up", it gives a lot of bonuses. In the settings of the menu You can change the fonts and the 3D models of cubes. Long backgammon for Android for free. It is possible to play with it from anywhere in the world. However, it makes it possible to play against artificial intelligence. Download the game Backgammon for Android for a direct link below.
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