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It is a game that will help you make it. Jumps. The computer game of the trick is moving. The application has age restrictions: 3+. Android version: 4.1 and higher. Version APK file: 1.6.22. The application developer is begma, google play link.

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Game description Bhop Pro mobile shooter, but without fighters and enemies. The gameplay focuses on the right jumps and camera turns. The game boasts a large number of modes: Endless mod. Jump until you get tired, set new records. Speed ​​Run. Passing levels on speed. Parkour. User mode Surf. Maps in this mode are a long corridor with obstacles. Casual. Passing levels of increasing difficulty. For a variety of content, For any item or bonus. In Bhop Pro, there is a random item (for example, gloves, knives and spinners are available). How to play? In Bhop Pro for Android, a player controls a first-person character. The hero holds a knife. It is simply an attribute and decoration. The main menu has the following sections: Main window with modes. Here you can select one of the card types and the multi-player mode. Developers are constantly adding modifications to the gameplay. Score. Gamers earn points while completing levels. In Bhop Pro for Android there is a virtual store with weapons. Knife models taken from the game Counter-Strike. Inventory. The player bought or earned. You can change equipment without restrictions. Settings. To change the options available graphics: overall quality, shadows, anti-aliasing, and so on. Here you can change the type of control. When the level starts, the hero starts moving forward automatically. This is a game of peace of mind. Since the game has been mentioned, it’s not worth it. It will be as far as possible. Player’s task is complicated. Users are for aborses, ravines, and more. Since the hero never stops. Points are scored. But it gives a bit of pleasure to play the game. Download the game for Android direct link below.
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