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Field of Miracles is a mobile version of the famous Field Game of Miracles game. This is a show that forces the gyrus to move and take up the dictionary. Now the gray matter can be set in motion by standing in a traffic jam, a queue, a subway, because the famous game is available for the Droid. The game is different from the analogs of a large database of questions and this online version, where you can compete with other players with or without an Internet connection. The application has age restrictions: 12+. Android version: 2.3 and higher. Version APK file: 1.6.1. The application developer is FunArtsStudio, google play link.

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Game modes and its features. Developers offer us several modes: Single. This is an offline mode, where no internet connection is required - you are competing with a computer. Online. Here you can play with friends from Google+ circles, internet is required. Online tournament You come across a random opponent, you need internet. Company. Convenient mode that allows you to arrange a competition between multiple people on one device. Here you can play offline. Even if you constantly choose offline mode, it is recommended to occasionally update the “Field of Miracles 2015” in order to replenish the database of questions. Developers are watching their project, so you will rarely come across the same tasks. There is a player rating on the Internet, where you can find your name. Tournaments are organized conveniently: start with one-eighth and get to the super-game. Popular quiz on Android looks attractive, despite the fact that the details in the game the minimum number. The colors are chosen nicely, the eyes do not get tired even with long-term observation of the screen. We should also highlight the prizes, which are also constantly updated. They are stored in your personal collection. Many users will appreciate the fact that the game does not have paid content - it is completely free. Have you already participated in a popular capital show? This is a great alternative to the various runners who have "captured" mobile devices. The words are made interesting, so the time in lines and traffic jams will be much faster. A great advantage of Field of Miracles 2015 over other mobile quizzes is regular content updates. In general, download the game, the lead has been waiting for! Download Field of Miracles 2015 for Android from our website, completely free, without registration and SMS, via the direct link below.
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