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Granny is a game in the genre of stealth horror for Android, in which the user will have to get out of the house locked by his grandmother at any cost for 5 game days, solving all sorts of puzzles and searching for items required to open the front door. The main thing is to be extremely quiet and careful so as not to catch the eyes of an ominous and insane old woman. The application has age restrictions: 12+. Android version: 4.1 and higher. Version APK file: 1.6.1. The application developer is DVloper, google play link.

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Gameplay After starting the game, the Android user has to choose the level of difficulty and several game options that complicate the passage (additional locations, reduced visibility). Control of the character is done from the first person. The gameplay depends on the degree of difficulty: a light level makes it possible to earn an extra day and the grandmother’s speed of movement is low, while a heavy level adds speed to the opponent and increases the number of locks on the door. The character wakes up in a gloomy bedroom - the game has begun. Now the user will have to get out of the ill-fated estate by any means, in which there are many rooms with riddles and secrets, creaky floors (the grandmother can hear the squeak, so you need to act as quietly as possible). The player will perform the following actions: Search for things and making their combinations for opening the locks on the door and confronting the old woman. A lot of items - a hammer, crossbows, batteries, and more. They may be in the most unexpected places, which gives the game a special interest. Collecting paintings. At the easy and normal levels of difficulty, it is possible to assemble in parts a portrait of a grandmother, which will give an extra day to escape. All actions must be done carefully - if Grandma hears a noise or a creak, she will surely find her grandson, strike and ban back to the room. In this case, the next day will begin again in the bedroom. In order not to be detected, you can hide in closets, under the bed and in other places, or neutralize the enemy for a while with weapons. The Granny Horror is characterized by the following features and benefits: differences in the method of passing, depending on the selected level, which allows you to play even after passing the game on an easier level - simply change the difficulty; music constantly keeps in suspense; the atmosphere and game design are dark, which immerses the player in a real horror movie; diverse scenarios finals. The application is available only in English, but this does not interfere with the gameplay, since everything is intuitively understandable. Granny for Android is an exciting mystical atmosphere and unfamiliar plot game that is able to permanently captivate the user who loves to unravel the mysteries and fight the forces of evil. Download the game Granny for Android from our website for free, without registration and SMS, for a direct link below.
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