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Leo and Tig is an interactive game in which intrigued users have to learn many new secrets thanks to traveling through colorful places on Android. The action takes place in a fabulous taiga, where popular cartoon characters explore unfamiliar terrain. Old wise representatives of the forest teach young animals to take care of the environment, issuing regular requests through a monologue. The application has age restrictions: 3+. Android version: 4.0.3 and higher. Version APK file: 10.181212. The application developer is Interactive Moolt, google play link.

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The characteristics of the assignments of Mapa Pandiga, Pcheluk, and other authoritative inhabitants of the forest thicket set the main characters various simple tasks. The young Leo, and then his joining friend Teague, need to heed the requests of their elders in order to move forward and learn many new and interesting things. To fulfill the requests of the wise beasts in the game Leo and Tig is not at all difficult: dump a tree to cross the river; find and plant seeds instead of a broken tree; collect a bunch of flowers-pokikhushek to wake the sleeping snorer; fill the pot with honey and feed the hungry Pchelukha; tidy up the lair of a bear who had departed from sleep. To move through the taiga in the right direction, you need to follow the Android on fireflies. As soon as the young heroes received a new task, the luminous bugs are activated. Leo and Tigu enough to move behind the insects, until on the way there is a bright trace. Additional features To achieve some results, the heroes will have to retire from the main clearing. For example, it is not good to explain to numerous condemns that it is not good to soil and break a bridge: in order to teach hooligans a lesson, you need to throw bumps into them. However, you should not throw in squirrels and bunnies - these are kind animals that cannot be hurt. Performing tasks, the heroes get fabulous treasure chests. Colorful boxes are automatically sent to the album. At the end of the day, when the mother will call the young researchers home, you can look at the contents of the mined caskets. In the boxes are stickers that are in full bring the heroes of the new game characters. Adventure game Leo and Tig is intended for younger age audience. Actions unfolding on Android, will introduce novice users to the world of animals. The assignments received during the exciting journey will teach young players to take care of the world around them and its inhabitants. Download the game Leo and Tig on Android from our site for free, without registration and SMS, for a direct link below.
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