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Lords Mobile is a casual RTS strategy with RPG and tower-defense elements for mobile devices on Android. The game has good graphics, a good storyline, as well as rich possibilities for building castles and waging wars between kingdoms. The application has age restrictions: 12+. Android version: 4.0.3 and higher. Version APK file: 1.87. The application developer is IGG.COM, google play link.

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Game Features The main focus of the gameplay is shifted towards full-scale battles between players. To do this, all users are divided into separate kingdoms, and beginners have the right to move between them free of charge until they receive level 5, and this should be used. In the kingdoms themselves, various guilds fight for power, which is why newcomers need to join one of the parties to the conflict as soon as possible, otherwise there is a high probability of becoming a victim for everyone. It is necessary to highlight the following advantages of the game: the ability to build your own castle, from the construction of walls, ending with the construction of buildings; impressive 3D battles between armies; At the service of players a huge number of heroes who need to improve various skills, as well as give artifacts that seriously increase their power; extensive research tree, where each technology allows you to get a tangible advantage due to bonuses, as well as the discovery of new units and traps; a good economic system, where gamers need to follow the development of resources so as not to sink for mining at a crucial moment; the function of choosing the structure and the behavior of troops in battle, which allows you to create your own winning tactics. The threshold for entry into the game is extremely low, since Lords Mobile has a very detailed training that literally explains on the fingers how to properly develop your castle. The only thing that is required of the player is to simply follow the instructions and memorize. The game has a special currency - gems, which are spent to accelerate the development and instant construction of buildings or their improvements. You can buy them only for real money, however, thanks to the developer’s policy, players can independently receive this currency for completing missions. Gameplay Lords Mobile is different from many online strategies for a huge number of options for pumping. Here everyone is able to find exactly the method of the game that brings the greatest pleasure from the gameplay. There is the possibility of both peaceful and military development. In addition, you can choose as the main force of the heroes and pass the tests, thus, the player is able not to pay attention to his castle at all, while not lagging behind his rivals. Powerful heroes make it easy to capture nearby castles, and if you make the right team, where each character will complement the skills of another, you get one of the strongest development options in the game. Conclusion Among all other strategies on Android, Lords Mobile stands out for its balance, focus on PvP battles with excellent animation and the ability to choose their own tactics. The ability to create large guilds, combining a huge number of players from around the world, also makes this game unique. The best part - Lords Mobile is completely free, so any user is able to create his kingdom on his mobile device. Download the game Lords Mobile for Android from our website for free, without registration and SMS, for a direct link below.
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