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My coffee shop is an exciting game for Android devices in the business simulator genre that allows a participant to not only show and develop his personal qualities as a talented entrepreneur, but also to unravel a twisted plot. The application has age restrictions: 3+. Android version: 4.0.3 and higher. Version APK file: 2019.1. The application developer is Melsoft Games, google play link.

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What is this game? In the game My Coffee House, the main character on whose behalf the development of events takes place is the owner of the coffee house. The goal of the player is to go the way of development from a small diner to a large restaurant. To do this, you will have to make a lot of effort and be smart. The player in the role of the owner of a coffee shop has the right to choose the path of development of his business. It can be a cozy restaurant for gatherings over a cup of coffee, a noisy pastry shop for organizing events or an elite restaurant for meetings of the cream of society. A distinctive feature of the game is that the player is required to invest effort not only in improving the restaurant, but also to comprehend the intricacies of intrigue between the inhabitants of the town. For this you have to be attentive to the little details in their conversations. The better established social connections between the coffee shop and its visitors, the more up to date the owner of relevant information about the life of the city. It can be used to improve services or combat competition. Game Features In order for the business to flourish, you will have to take into account a lot of nuances. For example, everyone loves to drink coffee and cakes - so the restaurant needs a cupcake machine. Cooks, waiters and other staff will have to be taught how to use new devices, as well as improve their promptness, courtesy and other business skills. The player as a restaurateur is required to have an entrepreneurial spirit. For example, it is necessary to regulate prices, optimize purchases and invest money in a timely manner in business expansion so that it brings in money. The game provides an opportunity to try different business strategies and reproduce different development scenarios. The player is invited to show their design skills and decorate the restaurant in its unique style. In addition, you can play with friends, and the possibilities of the game allow you to both cooperate and compete with them in the success of the restaurant business. My coffee house combines several genres: business strategy; quest; arcade; its own storyline. A part of the game can also be implemented - during the player's leveling up, he opens up recipes for real dishes! You can try the catering business in an exciting gameplay by downloading My Coffee Shop game absolutely free of charge from our website.
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