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In the game Operation "Sniper" the player will become an elite sniper. According to the plot, the player needs to carry out an operation to rescue a special squad that has fallen into unexpected incidents. The game has a good 3D graphics and the presence of many effects, including weather, cinematic flight of a bullet and much more. The interface is intuitive, even if the player first encounters a similar genre. The application has age restrictions: 16+. Android version: 4.0.3 and higher. Version APK file: 3.6.1. The application developer is Gameloft, google play link.

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Advantages The player is available to perform a huge number of tasks - about a few hundred, while all locations are varied and require a different approach to the task. When shooting, even the wind is taken into account, which forces to aim much more carefully than in similar games of a similar orientation. You can also highlight the following features: A rich arsenal of weapons. The player, after some leveling, can use both standard sniper rifles and secret weapons. Each prototype has its own advantages and disadvantages, which creates a good field for experiments. Weather conditions. During the mission may begin to rain, sandstorm or hurricane. In any case, this will have a serious impact on the manner of shooting, as well as force the player to take more active actions. A wide variety of opponents. Among them are both ordinary infantry and armored vehicles. Moreover, the majority of enemies have classes and specializations, which can seriously complicate the battle with them. Powerful AI. Enemies are smart enough not to fall into most of the traps that a gamer is capable of arranging. In addition, bots shoot fairly accurately and may well become a problem even for a trained player. PvP system. To gain access to the most powerful equipment, players need to earn resources. The easiest way is to rob a neighbor’s base. During the game, gamers have the opportunity to rebuild their fortifications as well as attack other players in order to take possession of their vaults. In this case, you can assemble your own team, for a more effective capture. Each type of weapon is amenable to fine-tuning, which allows you to make the gameplay even more convenient for the player, simply by facilitating the moment of shooting. However, you have to first collect enough resources. You should always carefully search the levels - this is one of the features of the gameplay. Operation "Sniper" is a completely free game, anyone can take the top of the leaderboard without investing real money. For lovers of communication in the game the opportunity to create your own community. Clans have a personal base and can wage internecine wars for leading positions in the ranking, which is why some battles become particularly hot. Conclusion Operation "Sniper" is a quality shooter for Android. Projects of this quality are a rarity in the mobile gaming market, especially there is an advanced level of graphics, a rather dynamic gameplay tied to choosing the right moment to start shooting. The presence of clans and PvP elements makes the game one of the best among the existing ones. In addition, to relax after fierce battles, participants can have fun in mini-games, with which you can get the resources you need to get particularly powerful equipment. Download the game Operation "Sniper" on Android from our site for free, without registration and SMS, for a direct link below.
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